Tuition Prices for 2021-2022

The total cost of the establishment and operation of CVCS is not covered in full by the tuition charges. Members of the constituent churches invest a large amount yearly in order to equip and maintain the school properly. 
Central Valley Christian School is funded through three sources:

     1. Student Tuition

     2. Subsidy from the constituent Seventh-day Adventist churches:                               Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, & Sweet Home

     3. Subsidy from the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

*Families who are not members of one of the constituent churches are asked to pay slightly higher rates for tuition so that they may share, in a small way, this extra cost. 

*A 3% discount is applied to the tuition if the full-year is paid for prior to the end of the first full week of the school year (Friday, September  3, 2021). 

Remember, scholarships/grants & financial aid are available! Click below to find out more.