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One Busy Sabbath

Saturday, October 26th was a very busy, fun-filled day for the students of CVCS. Below is their account of what took place.

On Sabbath morning, October 26, 2019, the students of Central Valley Christian School went to the Albany (SDA) church to do the service and the sermon. Grades 3-5 led in the song service. The songs were called: Humble Thyself, Over the Sea, and Blessed Be Your Name. The grades 6-8 did the Children's Story. Next the grades K-2 recited their memory verses they have learned and sang a song about friendship. Some of the grades 3-5 students also sang a song called "Love, Love". They also performed a skit about the story of Ruth from the Bible. After the skit, two fifth graders and one fourth grader summarized the skit into a short sermon to share with the audience about how Jesus is our redeemer. For the closing song, the entire school stood up and performed "Amazing Grace" with sign language. I am glad that we got to do the church service at the Albany Church.

Later that evening, on a crisp night, the community gathered in the CVCS gym for the annual Fall Festival. Some of the games were Plinko, The Maze, Hot Shot Basketball, Pumpkin Putt Putt, Duck Duck Fish, and Angry Birds to name a few. The whole purpose was to raise money for the school. They were able to raise over $3,000 thanks to a wonderful turn-out from our amazing community.