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(Indoor) Field Fun Day

This post is written by a few students from grades 3-5 about their annual track and field day that took a twist because of rain. Field Fun Day turned into Gym Fun Day but the key is that FUN was still had!

On May 14, our school had a day full of fun and games. We started coming up with a team name, poster, and cheer. Then we played various games like “Shoe Scramble”, “Desert Island Transfer”, and “Build It Up, Break It Down”, After a water break we did an obstacle course through the halls and classrooms, and then a game of “Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors”. After that we had to say goodbye to our preschoolers as they headed back to class for their snack. Next, the classes of K-8 played capture the flag and it got crazy! It was probably the wildest game I have ever played.When the game was finished, we got to have hotdogs, chips, salad, watermelons and cookies. Right around 2:30pm, again grades K-8 played a game. But this time instead of capture the flag, it was Never-Ending Mat Ball. Field Fun Day was very fun for the whole school, especially because we got to run in the halls.