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A Trip to the Zoo!

This article is written by the students of the grades 3-5 class about their recent reward trip to the zoo. All year long they have been participating in Preschool PE as part of their morning recess two days a week. Partnering with the younger students they have helped them learn how to throw and catch, play tag games, and even wiffleball.

On May 21, 2019 the 3-5 graders and the preschoolers went to the Oregon Zoo in Portland. We had so much fun. The teachers made teams for the 3-5 graders. The preschoolers could stay with their parents or Miss Mamatha. We had 4 chaperones for the grades 3-5 students. The preschoolers stayed with their parents and Miss Mamatha. We had four chaperones for the older kids, Mrs. Camarillo, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Korcek, and Pastor Dan, along with our teacher, Mrs. Nawara. We also saw so many cool animals! One of them was a python that was eating a rat! A lady came to look at the python eating, and she screamed. It was so fun. We saw otters, seals, tigers sleeping, lions, hyenas, fish, red pandas, goats, mountain goats, flamingos, penguins, alligators, and elephants. The elephants are my favorite part because there was an elephant show. My favorite part was when one of the elephants sat down like a baby. When we left after seeing some of the elephants we read a sign about the elephant named Packy. He died in 2017. He lived from 1963-2017, so he died when he was 54 years old. This elephant inspired lots of things to us people. I hope Packy had a great life. Our chaperones also bought our groups elephant ears to share. They were delicious.

I like going to Central Valley Christian School because we get to do lots of fun stuff like this. We like to give God praise for all the cool animals he made so that fun trips to the zoo can be possible. I like the zoo almost as much as I like my school.