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May Day Flower Delivery

This article was written by students in the grades 3-5 class after their field trip outing into the neighbhorhoods of Tangent.

On May Day, which is May 1, Central Valley Christian School delivered flowers to the people in Tangent. That is a tradition the kids love. Lots of kids got informed that people love getting flowers and look forward to it every year.

It’s about giving to people and being kind. We passed flowers out to people in a neighborhood. You would get a flower thing and knock on somebody’s door. If they answered you would say, “Happy May Day from your friends at Central Valley Christian School.” Then you would give them the flowers. If they didn’t answer, then you would leave the flowers right in front of their door. It was fun and nice because Jesus would do the same thing.

My group was so much fun because we went to a lady’s house and took her flowers. When she saw that we gave her flowers, she was so happy. She even said that Central Valley Christian School has been giving her flowers for about 31 years! We were all so amazed, and after she was done saying that she asked us if we would like to take a picture with her. After the photo we all left and kept delivering flowers. This made me happy to see their day brighten up.

The kids finished up and headed back to the school. At the school we told each other of the heartwarming experiences we had. We get to do a lot of fun things at Central Valley Christian School. And these projects help others know how much we love Jesus.