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An Evening Filled with Science

This article is a compilation of two articles written by two fourth graders.

On Thursday, February 21, 2019, the students of Central Valley Christian School all presented a science fair project. Mrs. Bates’ K-2 class designed a large floor map of a hospital and gave tours to visitors. They dressed up as different hospital jobs too.

Mrs. Nawara’s 3-5 class all did projects on the body. For example a question asked was “Can girls or boys dissolve chocolate quicker in their mouths?” They also showed off their classroom zoo, which consisted of shoe box dioramas about their favorite animals.

In Mr. Kelley’s 6-8 class, they did different kinds of experiments. Some projects in their class involved “elephant toothpaste,” experiments with slime and dry ice bubbles, and more. Members of the community and parents enjoyed cookies and juice while touring all the different projects created by the students.