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Church Outreach to Lebanon SDA

This article is brought to you today by two fourth grade students who collaborated together to write about our recent trip to the Lebanon SDA Church on Saturday, October 20.

This past weekend my school visited a church in Lebanon. Ms.Rich's class sang 4 songs, including; Come thou fount, Rescuer, Jesus loves me, [clapping version] and Sanctuary. Mr.Kelley's class did the offering and a fun bible story, Mrs.Bates' class sang 3 songs. After that we said a poem of thanks for the pastor. Another thing we did was children's story. We told a story that tells us that Jesus both made us and He bought us when He died on the cross. When children's story was over another student preached a sermon about the flood.

Church was fun, but not as fun as potluck!

On my plate I got green beans, 2 potatoes, corn, lasagna,bread, pizza, salad, and mac'n cheese. Oh that wasn't all, there was dessert. I got 2 things for dessert. There was a red velvet chocolate cupcake with white frosting and a maple glazed doughnut, so delicious!

We love sharing the love of God with everyone!

By: 2 fourth graders