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A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

This story is a compilation of writings from two 3rd graders and a 5th grader. They wrote their own versions of our field trip and then combined them into one great article for you, our reader.

The students of CVCS went to the pumpkin patch at Bauman's Farm. The field trip was on October 9, 2018. Once we arrived the students did a lot of different activities. Some went to the "Hay Bale" maze or to "Pumpkin Hill", while others went to the "Giant Swings". Some of us went to the corn maze and others went to the dark maze. There was also a corn pool filled with kernels of corn.

After lunch we went to go pick out one pumpkin, one gourd, and one piece of Indian corn. There were big pumpkins and small pumpkins. After that we watched how the apple presser makes apple cider and got to try some and eat an apple cider doughnut too. They were delicious.