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Who’s the Best Model for Kids?

Years ago, then NBA superstar Kobe Bryant was involved in an inappropriate encounter with a young woman in Colorado—while he was married to someone else. Shortly after that a Philadelphia father asked an ESPN reporter what he was supposed to say when his 9-year old son asked why Bryant was on the cover of Sports Illustrated for “adultery.” His son’s hero had fallen.

That’s probably not a scenario every school and parent regularly considers and yet it’s connected with a question they might: “Who is the best model for kids to emulate?” At Central Valley Christian School the answer is an easy one. If we want to develop kids who embody the best in every aspect of being human, we want our students to see Christ as the only model worth wanting to be like.

Through my years in education I’ve often told parents that if they had only one quality they could choose for their children, they should opt for high character. That seems an obvious choice and yet our world encourages so many other attributes: confidence, competitive drive, leadership. These are all solid qualities and yet they don’t automatically lead to kids with a global concern.

With pressures to be so many things coming from so many places, what are parents supposed to choose for their kids? At Central Valley we know that when it comes to character, there is no better choice than Jesus. This is the man of whom the creator of the universe said, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased” Matthew 3:17. Praise doesn’t come any higher and that’s why this year we have identified 10 qualities of Jesus to emphasize with our students. They include attributes like compassion, humility, integrity, service, responsiveness, and more. If you’re a parent and you see your child’s school incorporating qualities like these into what it does every day, are you feeling pretty good about that education? We hope so.

Ultimately, we know every family has a choice of what they want their children exposed to through school; and with so many solid possibilities out there, it’s not easy deciding where you want your child to land. But the way we see it, sending your student to a school where the greatest leadership example of all time is the centerpiece of everything that happens, is an awfully wise place to begin.

Ultimately, Jesus is the only model worth pursuing.